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Best PlayStation VR games

by reskopi
The maker of PlayStation, Sony and its partners did a great job making sure that there are plenty of great games for you to enjoy in PlayStation VR when it was released. The PlayStation VR is well and truly enjoyed in the living room, and Sony did a great job by getting developers like Ubisoft and EA on board. Below are the list of some of the exciting games on the PlayStation VR. 1. Resident Evil 7 The Resident Evil 7 is a bit of an anomaly on the list. It is far better than what the series has been [...]

Best VR Videos

by reskopi
  The virtual reality is not just tend to be used for gaming, the experience goes way beyond creating more immersive gaming experiences. Filmmakers are getting into the virtual reality scene and using revolutionary technology to provide brand new storytelling experiences the world has never seen before. Apps like Within, YouTube, and Littlestar makes it easy to experience and download a 360-degree VR videos across multiple VR platforms. Here are some amazing VR videos to watch Waves of Grace The short film was created by Gabo Arora and Chris Milk. It tells the story of Decontee Davis, an Ebola survivor [...]

Nintendo Switch Accessories

by reskopi
    The Nintendo‚Äôs hybrid game console is called the switch because it can pipe games either to TVs or mobile screens perched between hands. As great as the new Nintendo switch is, there are accessories out there that makes the experience of the Switch much better. The following is not a roundup of the most popular Switch extras, but it is based on months of hands-on time with a variety of alternatives from multiple manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a new case to make it feel less like you have to wrap your Switch in cotton wool, a [...]

How to Get the Best VR Performance from Your PC

by reskopi
If you want to optimize your computer for VR to get the best performance, then this is the right tutorial for you. It is very important to know the right steps you need to make. Low frame per second is your worst enemy during gaming. Choppy graphics, slow load times and lagging audio all contribute to a bad time during game, especially when you do not have enough money to get a new hardware. Starting with some easy tips to more complicated tips, here are ways you can improve your PC hardware performance for a better VR experience. Clean out [...]

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality system PC requirements

by reskopi
  Virtual reality games and headset now available almost everywhere, but they require some serious PC hardware to power them properly. The major headsets most PC gamers are interested in are the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. To enjoy a VR game on your system, there are recommended requirements needed on your system for you to have a smooth gaming session. HTC Vive system requirements. When considering the HTC Vive, there are few sets of system requirements to look at when choosing a PC. The first is the minimum requirements: this are what you need absolutely need to have [...]

Best PC Virtual Reality Games

by reskopi
You just bought a new PC virtual reality headset, either the HTV Vive or the Oculus Rift. After setting up the VR system, you kept on wondering which game is the best to play when it comes to playing virtual reality games on PC. We are going to highlight all the best VR games you can buy right now for you to experience a nice and great game time. Marvel Powers United VR If you just finished watching the Spider-Man: Homecoming in the theater and you are still hungry for more from the Marvel universe, now is your chance to [...]

7 of the Best Virtual Reality Apps for your Smartphone

by reskopi
  Since Virtual Reality Gaming is becoming known in the industry, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars or pounds on an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR headset to give virtual reality a try. The Android or iPhone smartphone in your hand is a VR device on its own, especially when paired with low priced headset, like the Google Cardboard headset that uses your phone as its screen and it works with both Android and iOS device. Getting yourself into the exciting world of smartphone virtual reality is easy, all you need is an iPhone that [...]

Top Quality VR Headsets

by reskopi
Virtual Reality (VR) gaming is an immersive experience where the movement of your head is being tracked in a world of three dimensional. That is one of the reasons it is suited for games and as well as movies. Technology and developers of today are creating experiences that can blow your mind in order to revolutionize entertainment and gaming experiences. There are two major groups of VR headset, which are Tethered Headsets: this type of VR headset requires a connection to a computer with a high and enough processing power. The strong computing and processing power of the computer is [...]

Top 5 Best Virtual Reality Game Controllers

by reskopi
Virtual reality game controllers provide better controls in VR gaming. VR is much better with the use of motion controllers with the hands in VR gaming, which is the reason why the HTC Vive is better in technology than the Oculus Rift presently. Most PlayStation VR users knows that the Sony 460 VR already featured a motion control platform in their PlayStation Move. So, the use of controllers with VR headsets and other peripherals is giving this technology a new life SteelSeries Stratus XL It has 3 most important features that matter most when choosing a friendly VR controller, durability, [...]

Virtual Reality Gaming

by reskopi
For so many people reading this, virtual reality gaming is no big deal since they have tried it out a number of times. It is no surprise that a lot of people have not tried it out, and when they do, they will find the new virtual reality gaming phenomena and fascinating. Virtual reality itself, is fairly new. Even the term, VR has a very short history. The earliest usage of the term VR, only goes back so far as the beginning of the last century, the early 20th. But even then, they weren't talking about the same thing we [...]